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Customer Reviews

Valerie Gardner

Great Service

I was amazed at this company's knowledge of old locks. My key (finally) broke off in an older, rusty, dirty lock and he was able to remove it, clean and repair the lock! Within a couple hours of calling him. And he apologized for being 'so late' ! He was also able to look at an old filing cabinet (I asked him on the spot, to look at it) that I know had been locked for at least 15 years! It was like Christmas, finding all the old(er) papers in there! I didn't ask for a price when I called, but I had it in my head that it may be cheaper to buy a new door! But NO. He was extremely reasonable! I couldn't buy a new deadbolt and filing cabinet for what he charged. So, overall, I was extremely pleased.Thanks!!

Jacob Baker

Spare key locksmith

This guy really knows his stuff helped me out greatly. It was well worth the drive can not say enough nice things about my experience. Thanks

Tosha Thomas

Very honest and friendly person, convenient, and awesome prices too. Help us with our car key issue. Definitely worked like a charm after getting a new ome made! You saved us possibly hundreds of dollars. Very pleased and satisfied. We will definitely be recommending Family and Friends. Thanks again for a help!


Novelty Keys

Extremely friendly service!! I bought a couple of special novelty keys that I wanted to have cut. Both keys were cut and work perfectly! I would definitely recommend anyone who needs keys cut/made to have them done here.


Amazing Service!!

To begin, I want to say how amazed I was that this locksmith was open and available on Labor Day (wow!). I had locked my keys in my trunk while being over 3 hours from home when they came to my rescue. They quickly unlocked my car and helped me retrieve my keys (thank goodness!). -- My AAA service would not come help me that day, so the king gentleman actually made my receipt out in a way that would force AAA to reimburse me for the costs! I was amazed and enthused by him and this company. I am more than appreciative, too!