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Broken key

I had my key break off in my ignition. After calling garages and dealerships and being told this was gonna cost me hundreds of dollars cause I would need a new ignition I decided to call Spare Key. I was in and out within 20 minutes with a new programmed key and the broken key out of my ignition. I highly recommend using this place and if I ever need something like this done again they will be the first place I call.

Sam M

I was able to get my truck to his shop and he immediately notice I had a replicated key and knew they often go bad. Within a half hour I had two new keys, reprogrammed and I was on the road at a reasonable price. I will use this company again if another problem arises.

Kim S.

Great and Friendly Service

My son ran over his only set of car keys with a riding lawnmower and destroyed his keys on Friday night. I called Spare Key Locksmith at 9 am on Saturday morning and he was able to come to our house in an hour. He was friendly, professional and efficient. He also advised me to contact AAA to see about reimbursement. Since I am a AAA member they were able to reimburse me $60 toward the cost. I would recommend this business.

Mandy J


Lost our one and only key to our Dodge Avenger. Called several dealerships and received quotes ranging $150-$225, and had to have vehicle towed to their location for programming. AAA put us in touch with Spare Key Locksmith who was able to come to us, cut the key, and program on site. Not to mention all of this and an extra key at the reaction of the price- same day service, in another county! Will recommend to anyone and everyone. Thanks, Doug!!

Mandy J

Automobile service

Lost our only key to our Dodge Avenger and after making several calls to dealerships, quotes ranged from $150-225, plus we would have to have our car towed to the location for programming. Through AAA we were put in touch with Spare Key Locksmith who came to us in another county, the same day AND we were able to get 2 keys for a fraction of the price. Awesome, quick, friendly service- will recommend to anyone and everyone. Thanks, Doug!!