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Customer Reviews

Mary Ann Lauber

5 Star Review

Doug recently inspected and made a slight adjustment on an older lockset. On another door, he replaced the deadbolt with a safer version and made five keys on the spot. I found Doug to be prompt, very professional with good pricing. He genuinely cares about his customers.

Elizabeth Lauber

Excellent service! Very efficient, knowledgeable and polite. I would highly recommend Doug!

Cathy Petrullo

Return Customer

What an awesome experience! Doug is an expert in his field and we appreciate his expertise. What we appreciate just as much are his reasonable prices and his friendly way of conducting his business. Doug truly cares about providing an excellent experience and that is what we have enjoyed every time we have dealt with him! Thanks for your hard work and your honesty!

Jason McClelland


This is the second time I needed help getting a new key for my car. And for the second time, I was extremely impressed with the speed, knowledge and service!! Best in the biz. Thanks again

Valerie Gardner

Great Service

I was amazed at this company's knowledge of old locks. My key (finally) broke off in an older, rusty, dirty lock and he was able to remove it, clean and repair the lock! Within a couple hours of calling him. And he apologized for being 'so late' ! He was also able to look at an old filing cabinet (I asked him on the spot, to look at it) that I know had been locked for at least 15 years! It was like Christmas, finding all the old(er) papers in there! I didn't ask for a price when I called, but I had it in my head that it may be cheaper to buy a new door! But NO. He was extremely reasonable! I couldn't buy a new deadbolt and filing cabinet for what he charged. So, overall, I was extremely pleased.Thanks!!