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Amazing Service!!

To begin, I want to say how amazed I was that this locksmith was open and available on Labor Day (wow!). I had locked my keys in my trunk while being over 3 hours from home when they came to my rescue. They quickly unlocked my car and helped me retrieve my keys (thank goodness!). -- My AAA service would not come help me that day, so the king gentleman actually made my receipt out in a way that would force AAA to reimburse me for the costs! I was amazed and enthused by him and this company. I am more than appreciative, too!


Amazing customer service

First of all I would like to say thank you for bending over backwards to take care of me as a customer your customer service is absolutely amazing I will be taking all of my keys from all of my companies and you will be cutting every one of them thank you for getting it done fast getting it done reasonable and getting it done at the last minute on a Sunday! thank you so much definitely will be doing business with you again. A+++++ !

Kylee Thornton

Outstanding Guy

So my husband is working and calls me to say he lost his keys while at work. Ok so ill call the dealership we got the car from no prob. Well they dont have any idea how i can get another key...great! But they did refer me to Doug. I called and left a message. Calls me back no time flat! Really reasonable prices!!!! Plus he made 2 new keys, a test key AND programed them all within 45mins. Maybe even less! He even told me to call my insurance as they may cover some if not all the cost for his services! Great customer service! Fast working and reasonable prices! Who could ask for a better locksmith? Sure not me! Def recommend this guy!


Lost truck key!!!

I lost my key to my F-150 and Spare Key Locksmith was there to save the day. I was provided with excellent service at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Michael bolon


I recommend Doug sexton a spare key locksmith who is very intelligent and good at what he does! Hes the best around especially when the ford dealership sends me to him! My ford key with a chip in it fell out of my pocket and was hit by my mower as i was mowing! Then i was like great so i toom it to ace hardware and they made two keys that wouldnt work back and feeling upset cuz now my only chance was to purchase one key for 200 bucks from ford ughhh...took it in they said we need to have the truck here i only have one key well no worries call this guy and im pretty sure he can do it! So down in out i did thinking i hope doug can do this and i showed him the key and he says no worries so i trusted him and wow he is definitely the best at what he does and very reasonable price and couldbt ask for a more pleasant man and to top he loves hunting so yes we definitely shared hunting stories so thats a must after he made me the keys ive been hasseling around for 2 weeks and he did it in an hour ! Thank you Doug for all you do! I extremely recommend him! You wont be disappointed!